Psychic Aura Therapy
with Robert Messenger & Kendra MacAlpine
Psychic Aura Therapy is a unique Energy Clearing and Balancing Experience that Rejuvenates your Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health and Vitality by unblocking your Aura.
Psychic Aura Therapy can assist you with:
  • Revealing the deeper causes of your health
    conditions, and assisting in their resolution
  • Relieving pain and discomfort from injuries,
    and expediting the healing process
  • Resolving emotional upsets and long-term
    or recurring emotional issues  
  • Strengthening your Clarity of Purpose
    and Intuition
  • Enhancing your unique Spiritual Unfoldment
Sessions are conducted by Robert Messenger, who developed this unique Alternative Healing method, with over 30 years of research and experience, and Kendra MacAlpine, who spent 20 years as a student and staff member with Siddha Yoga Meditation Ashram before becoming a PAT practitioner. They have their healing practice in Maui, having moved from Aspen, Colorado in 2007. They have spent the past few years exploring deeper levels of this dynamic energy field, the Aura, and expanding the technology of their unique therapy.

During a session, after assessing the various issues that will be addressed, and while in a relaxed state, you are guided to release blockages within the Aura, allowing deep Healing and Rejuvenation on Physical, Emotional and Spiritual levels of your Being. Private Sessions are conducted either in their studio setting, or by telephone. You may contact them by email for appointments.